In my way of working, I attach a great deal of importance to humility and honesty; with respect for human values, I promise to serve my customers with integrity. Here’s what my clients have to say about me and my services (just a few of them as I am running out of space here )

“We very much appreciate and value the work that you do for us. Your good work is helping us to build a strong company. You are very much a part of our team”

– Architectural Firm, Hawaii

“We are impressed with your work on our projects. We appreciate the depth of knowledge and skills that you are bringing to our projects“

– Architectural Firm, NY

“Srinivas, I cannot run this show without your help, Thank you!”

- Owner, Architectural Firm, Colorado.

“What I have enjoyed working with you Srinivas is that you respond quickly, you understand us well without too much clarification and your work so far look really nice. I think we should be able to help our customers get design work completed.”

– Owner, Construction Company,Canada.

“Srinivas is extremely quick in grasping new concepts and then putting them into action through hours of burning the oil. He is a package of talent & hardwork. He was instrumental in developing atleast 5 live customer case studies on Archicad in one year at Hyderabad”

– Regional Manager, Adroitec India, Hyd