Welcome to BIMVIZ Studio

BIMVIZ Studio offers freelancing to architectural and design firms wanting to outsource their drafting and modeling work to be done with ArchiCAD. As a passionate ArchiCAD user (I certainly qualify myself to be called as an ArchiCAD addict), I Work closely with my clients and by employing strict standards which will ensure the final deliverables meet the quality levels of my clients expectations.

Key Benefits

  • Focus critical resources on design and client interactions
  • Increased productivity
  • No more resource crunch issues
  • Instantaneous scalability with no additional investment
  • Training overhead reduction

How it works? Simple 1, 2, 3!


Send design information with cad templates & other office standards.


Project Implementation, will get in touch with you with a firm up-front quote and a deliver date, along with any project related queries.


BIMVIZ Studio adheres to a rigorous workflow methodology so as to ensure that the end product is of the highest quality.